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Earn 10% per annum in £’s. Guaranteed!​​
Securing your future…A new way to engage with investors from across the globe.​

Global Property Register- Property Opportunity​

  • 10% profit opportunity per year​ Paid in £ sterling monthly​

The Opportunity​

Make 10% per annum in £ sterling by investing
£50K or less in Property ​

  • Property bought in your name​
  • Property fully managed for you​
  • Rent paid into your account every month in £ sterling​
  • Buy and hold for excellent rental yield

Make 10% per annum in £ sterling by investing £50K or less in Property ​

“ I have owned a property since 2012 and I am getting 10% per annum return on my investment in pounds sterling! ” ​

Steve Richards


“The UK market is the most promising in Europe. Getting 10% interest per year on real estate investments is great! ”​

Steven Kinzett

 Property Expert​

“ The GPR team is experienced with over 20 years experience in the UK property market. They always deliver ”​

Lena Hall


Global Property Register, Ltd.​

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