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Whether You’re Home or Away

Welcome to Knapp Electric

Knapp’s Electric has been a Generac dealer since 2017.  installation and servicing of standby generators is our only business. We are dedicated to providing personalized installation and servicing of standby generators for private residences, country cottages, and commercial buildings. We are a Generac dealership that prides itself on providing customers with the best solutions for their needs, at the best possible price. Customers will not only receive all the proper information they need to make the right decision, but also post-installation service and maintenance. As a qualified dealer, our staff is factory trained once a year and is up to date on all the latest Generac® technologies.

Certifications and Licenses:
Licensed Electrical
Contractor ECRA/ESA # 7012923
Fully Insured

Home Backup Generators: What Do You Need To Know?

It starts and stops automatically, and never needs refueling. This video explains how and why.

Hear what several Generac customers have to say about their home backup generators.

Find out why so many homeowners choose a Generac home backup generator over competitive brands.

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